Hydrophone for trunk mains and plastic pipes

Special features:

  • Best results on plastic pipes
  • Small and rugged housing
  • Suitable for drinking water
  • Adaptable to all fittings
  • Compatible with Seba correlators  (C3 and HL6000X)
  • Can also be used in N3 networks

Hydrophones are directly connected to the water columns. Their suitability for drinking water is a key point here. Very often hydrants are the access points, whereas house connections or main taps are an option.

Due to its high sensitivity, the PAM-Hydro 3 from SebaKMT is particularly suitable for measuring over long distances, for example on plastic pipes or pipelines with large diameters and low pressure. Handling is extremely simple and enables quick
mounting on above ground and underground hydrants and all adaptable connections.

The versatility of the hydrophone can be seen in its compatibility with N3 networks, use with correlators or the uploading of data when “patrolling” with a laptop or tablet.


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