Sebalog RI+

Radio interface for mobile data collection and wireless programming

Special features:

  • Wireless communication to all Sebalog instruments
  • Compact, lightweight and always ready-to-use
  • Time-saving drive-by data collectionse

The Sebalog Radio Interface Plus (also: LOG RI+) is a small USB device for wireless communication between Sebalog devices and a computer.

The LOG RI+ handles, among other things, the programming and reading of devices as well as the transmission of real-time measurements.

Wireless data transmission enables convenient cable-free working, whether at your desk or in the field.

Using the well-proven radio protocol of SebaKMT, the LOG RI+ is compatible with all current instruments of the Sebalog series.

The small size and USB power supply make the LOG RI+ an ideal, always ready-to-use partner in field applications.

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