GSM Transmitter 3-S (GT-3-S)

GPS synchronized GSM transmitter for Sebalog N-3 and P-3

Special features::

  • Real-time synchronized correlation through GPS
  • Alignment of position change. “Theft-control”
  • Request sound data – alarm-controlled or on request – “on same day”
  • Pressure monitoring in parallel by P-3 pressure logger
  • Battery replacement directly in the field, with 5 years battery life

The GPS-synchronized GSM transmitter GT-3-S represents a revolution in the segment of network loggers. It expands the applications of its „small brother“ GT-3 to 5-year battery life and is the only transmitter in the market to achieve precise correlations through the use of GPS-synchronized data. It allows the user to easily track noise developments via the cloud or to perform correlations reliably. Its application area ranges from the monitoring of noise and pressure data, both in urban areas as well as on long-distance water and transport lines.

User manual

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