GSM Transmitter 3

Portable GSM Data Transmitter for Sebalog N-3 and Sebalog P-3

Special features:

  • Offers remote data transmission
  • Fits even into small valve boxes
  • Uses field replaceable batteries
  • Is fully submersible
  • Operates Wireless
  • Carries data from up to three devices

Patrolling noise and pressure loggers is time consuming and costly. The GSM Transmitter 3 (GT-3) can save you this trouble. It is designed to transmit data collected by noise and pressure loggers from the site to your office. Using GSM/GPRS, on site patrolling is no longer necessary. Save time, money and monitor your network from the office with the GT-3.

Small and fully submersible, the GSM Transmitter 3 is specifically designed to fit into valve boxes and hydrant chambers.

Up to three devices can be connected to the GSM Transmitter 3 - a benchmark in cost efficiency for GSM data transmission out of an underground chamber.

User manual

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