POSEYEDON – finally less water loss!

Poseyedon is the new cloud solution for leak detection and monitoring, which can support all your water management tasks.

Matching Hardware

Sebalog D-3 ---> Pressure and flow rate data loggers with GPRS

Sebalog D-3

Special features:

  • Simple installation
  • Alarms conveniently sent to smartphone
  • Memory for over 1 million readings
  • Remote configuration via GSM / GPRS / 3G / UMTS
  • Server hosting via SebaCloud
  • Compact and robust design for maximum safety

Thanks to its compact and robust design and the totally waterproof housing, the Sebalog D-3 data logger is very hard-wearing. It reliably informs you of the flow rate status from the pressure and flow measurements in your supply network on up to 4 channels.

Great emphasis was placed on user-friendliness with the Sebalog D-3. It supports online measurements on all channels which enables you as the user to Access any saved measurement data and up-to-date readings at any time from the convenience of your smartphone.

Sebalog N-3 ---> Correlating noise logger network

Sebalog N-3-Netzwerk

Special features:

  • Latest measured data available every day
  • Correlation function
  • No time-consuming driving past individual loggers
  • Remote configuration
  • Very simple installation process
  • Cost-effective data transmission

The Sebalog N-3 network provides you with the latest measured data on a day-to-day basis. Automatic data transmission saves you the time consuming task of driving past each logger.

If the loggers detect a leak, you can query the automatically recorded noise data from the affected measuring points. The noise data is automatically transferred and is available to you on the same day, depending on the configuration.

But that's not all: you can correlate the noise data from several loggers to pinpoint where the noise is coming from. Automatic daily synchronisation of the entire logger network ensures that the correlations are highly accurate.

Sebalog P-3-mini ---> Pressure monitoring and pressure surge recording

Sebalog P-3-mini

Special features:

  • Pressure surge recording using Very short measurement intervals
  • Virtually indestructible housing with protection class IP 68
  • Fits in every shaft due to extremely compact design
  • Long operating time and very large data storage
  • Optional data transmission by means of GSM Transmitter 3

The Sebalog P-3-Mini is the ideal device for monitoring pressure in water supply networks. The extremely robust housing of the Sebalog P-3-Mini makes it particularly suitable for continuous use in the field.

Furthermore, the compact design of the pressure logger constitutes a great advantage in shafts with limited mounting space.

With the Sebalog P-3-Mini it is possible to get a wireless readout without opening a shaft lid and to remotely download data with ease in combination with the GSM Transmitter 3.

SebaFlow ---> Zone monitoring and flow measurement with ultrasonics


Special features:

  • Maintenance-free flow measurement
  • Early leak detection
  • Installation without supply interruption
  • No chamber construction necessary
  • Precise measurements even at low flow rates
  • Data transmission to the SebaCloud or to the customer’s own FTP server

SebaFlow enables the continuous flow and zone monitoring of a pipe network section (DMA District Metering Area) through the use of ultrasonics.

Installation is managed without interrupting the water supply by means of attaching sensors to the outside wall of the pipe. SebaFlow is robust and maintenance-free, allowing installation without chamber construction.

GT-3-S ---> GPS synchronized GSM transmitter for Sebalog N-3 and P-3


Special features:

  • Real-time synchronized correlation through GPS
  • Alignment of position change. “Theft-control”
  • Request sound data – alarm-controlled or on request – “on same day”
  • Pressure monitoring in parallel by P-3 pressure logger
  • Battery replacement directly in the field, with 5 years battery life

The GPS-synchronized GSM transmitter GT-3-S represents a revolution in the segment of network loggers. It expands the applications of its „small brother“ GT-3 to 5-year battery life and is the only transmitter in the market to achieve precise correlations through the use of GPS-synchronized data. It allows the user to easily track noise developments via the cloud or to perform correlations reliably. Its application area ranges from the monitoring of noise and pressure data, both in urban areas as well as on long-distance water and transport lines.